Fashion Incubation Programme

Fashion Incubation Programme

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About Fashion Incubation Programme (FIP)

FIP is an advanced business of fashion incubator for ardent fashion talents and brands.

15 designers will be selected to join a 2-year programme over the next 3 years.

FIP aggregates expert business and technical advisory, resources, tools & technical expertise and support to nurture a new generation of fashion designers and design entrepreneurs.

FIP Designers will grow through personal development, creative confidence, contents, contexts, authenticity and conscious leadership.

For whom is FIP?

Open to 5 fashion brands per year (or 15 over 3 years), FIP welcomes emerging fashion brands and talented, committed design entrepreneurs to apply to join the programme.

  • Having started up fashion-related business or brands for more than 3 years; and with at least 2 collections preferably shown internationally with market attractiveness
  • Being passionate with strong commitment as a fashion entrepreneur
  • Having a keen eye for quality and a high degree of technical competence
  • Personable with a learning attitude and aspiration to excel

If you answer “yes” to all of the above, we look forward to receiving your application.

Our Objectives

  • Expanding their creative potential or boundaries through projects & collaboration
  • Enhancing their intelligence & resourcefulness through continuous learning & new opportunities

At a platform level, FIP aims to foster local fashion creative economy and strengthen positioning of Hong Kong design and fashion development in both pan-Asian and global contexts.

Programme Offerings

(Total amount earmarked: budgetary around HK$730K for each FIP Designer)

For those selected into the programme and paying a monthly participation fee of HK$1,700 throughout 2 years, each FIP Designer will be entitled the following over the 2-year incubation period:

  • Access to Studio Space at Clothing Industry Training Authority (CITA), Kowloon Bay (or other assigned spaces as designated by HKDC)
  • Co-creation Projects & Collaboration

    Through creativity and innovation by way of experimentation, technical and artistic exploration, and cross-overs, projects and collaborations will help FIP Designers to create strong differentiation factors, enhance their market attractiveness and open up more new creative and business opportunities.

To kick start development, FIP Designers will have a claimable project fund according to approved project proposal(s) to a maximum amount of HK$210K.

  • Fashion Marketing and Promotion Support

    Fashion marketing and promotion support will include but not limited to press releases, media interviews, marketing, branding support, etc. as organised by FIP Secretariat.

  • Entrepreneurship Empowerment, Training and Mentorship

    FIP Secretariat will organise mentorship on regular and ad hoc basis, and learning and exchange opportunity in areas across business planning, marketing & sales, branding, contracts & IP management.

  • Fashion and Tech Intelligences

    FIP Designers will have access to databases and other resource centres or networks as organised by FIP Secretariat.

Application Timetable

  • Submission of Application Form for Expression of Interest (by 18th February 2017)
  • Submission of Project Proposal with project ideas, knowledge and skills gaps identified, and potential partners for the project (by 28th February 2017)
  • Presentation at FIP Assessment Panel (by mid/ late-March 2017)
Apply now

Please read FIP Application Guidelines for more details.

FIP is about connecting people, ideas and resources. We are seeking business of fashion-related domain experts to join us as mentors and collaborating partners, across the following areas in broad:

  • Professional advisory & expertise
  • Spaces for permanent or temporary showrooms, exhibitions, workshops
  • Prototyping and manufacturing support

FIP welcomes partnerships with international, regional and local companies or creative collaborators. FIP also welcomes co-sponsorship from brands or enterprises who share common goals.


Please contact William Leung, Assistant Project Manager, FIP / 3793 8431

This brand new Fashion Incubation Programme (FIP) is part of the new fashion initiative launched by the HKSAR government in July 2015 which aims to develop Hong Kong as an energetic pan-Asia fashion development hub with international traction. Being fully supported and funded by CreateHK of Hong Kong SAR Government and managed by Hong Kong Design Centre (HKDC), FIP will be launched as a new development platform for high potential fashion talents.