Fashion Incubation Programme

Programme Offerings

(Total amount earmarked: budgetary around HK$730K for each FIP Designer)

For those selected into the programme and paying a monthly participation fee of HK$1,700 throughout 2 years, each FIP Designer will be entitled the following over the 2-year incubation period:

Access to Studio Space

at Clothing Industry Training Authority (CITA), Kowloon Bay (or other assigned spaces as designated by HKDC)

Co-creation Projects & Collaboration

Through creativity and innovation by way of experimentation, technical and artistic exploration, and cross-overs, projects and collaborations will help FIP Designers to create strong differentiation factors, enhance their market attractiveness and open up more new creative and business opportunities.

To kick start development, FIP Designers will have a claimable project fund according to approved project proposal(s) to a maximum amount of HK$210K.

Fashion Marketing and Promotion Support

Fashion marketing and promotion support will include but not limited to press releases, media interviews, marketing, branding support, etc. as organised by FIP Secretariat.

Entrepreneurship Empowerment, Training and Mentorship

FIP Secretariat will organise mentorship on regular and ad hoc basis, and learning and exchange opportunity in areas across business planning, marketing & sales, branding, contracts & IP management.

Fashion and Tech Intelligences

FIP Designers will have access to databases and other resource centres or networks as organised by FIP Secretariat.